Delivery to Emo and Fort Frances every Wednesday afternoon. Market every Saturday morning next to the C.C. Complex in Couchiching. Pick up at the farmgate (993 Fisher Rd, Emo) on Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, Thursdays and Fridays. Or contact us for more options. We update the webpage with available produce on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pre-ordering is optional for farmgate and market pickups. Pre-ordering is mandatory for delivery. Our business is closed on Sundays and Holidays.


Our Story: 

Operating since 2009, A.G.’s Produce is a small vegetable and fruit farm located on the Fisher Road in Emo Township, Ontario. Owners Jan & Annie van Rozen enjoy growing healthy, natural produce in a traditional soil-based manner while extending the growing season using poly covered greenhouses. The primary focus is producing affordable, optimal taste and quality, fresh food for the local market, using carefully selected seeds and growing without chemicals. The environment-friendly, sustainable approach to gardening/farming for A.G.’s Produce includes crop rotation, companion growing, manual weeding, organic matter, and when needed the use of organic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer.  Products include Asparagus, Beans, Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Cucumber, Kale, Potatoes, Raspberries, Salad/Lettuce mix, Spinach, Tomatoes, and more, with some varieties available from May until October. Some produce is kept in storage for sales throughout the winter months. Produce is sold mainly through the market at the CC Complex in Couchiching, as well as Farm gate sales and delivery to Fort Frances and Emo (with the option of pre-ordering on the web page). Experience and knowledge is joyfully shared to encourage visitors and friends to explore the possibilities of growing outside the ordinary, local growing season. For more information call 807 482 3941. 


We practice environmentally friendly and sustainable farming using natural/organic methods where possible. Seed selection, companion growing, organic matter and fertilizer, manual weeding, and 4-year crop rotation with traditional soil-based growing are basics to healthy plants and tasty products. 

All seeds are untreated seeds, carefully selected for produce with optimal taste and quality. We use organic pesticides and herbicides where possible and only if absolutely necessary. We strive to produce healthy, affordable, and fresh local vegetables and fruit. 

Pest management: 

Companion planting together with manual removing of insects is always used as our first defence in pest control. We also use carefully selected organic pesticides and herbicides if necessary. 

Productivity Management: 

Using poly covered greenhouses allows us to extend the local growing season from March into October, having our first products ready early May. 

We have a small insulated, temperature controlled storage where certain products can be stored for sales during the winter months. 

Soil Management: 

A 4-year crop rotation plan, cover crops, organic matter and fertilizer, organic pesticides and herbicides, and the absence of chemicals, are all part of keeping the soil in a healthy, environment-friendly and sustainable condition. 

Water Management: 

Rainwater in combination with our well water (in dry periods) is collected in water storage tanks, where it is warmed by the sun before it is used for watering the plants in the greenhouses and gardens when needed. 

Land Practices: 

Our farm is surrounded by natural windbreaks, creating a vibrant habitat for a variety of plants and animals, including birds, butterflies, pollinators, and deer. 

Between and around the gardens are ditches for sufficient drainage in the spring or during wet periods, providing for early seeding and acceptable growing conditions. 

Additional information: 

We know the importance of providing our customers with healthy produce without chemicals, through personal experiences with an allergy for artificial preservatives and additives in food.